A special evening in a special location. Dignified ambience with fancy gaming furniture, dimmed lights and driving sound. A night for experienced players, but also suitable for people with a desire for intense new experiences. From massage to varied SM games to gangbang, a lot is possible. Of course, everything on this evening is based on consensuality. What actually happens depends solely on the guests and their mood. We want to enjoy, try out, look at, play and dance.

A beautiful playground and soft ropes await you as well as pillories and trestles. The evening to live out dominant submissive tendencies for couples who are ready to play, willing to show off, obliging gentlemen and lusty ladies who like a slight surplus of gentlemen. The well-groomed bang as an expanding variant of sprawling games, suitable for CuckOld couples and wifesharers. Not only can you be tied up and stretched, but also fucked extensively.

During the party there will be no further costs for you. Sparkling crémant and delicious finger food are provided as well as condoms and lubricant. After you have handed in your clothes, the lustful night begins. Your imaginative, erotic outfit will enhance the party, where you can completely let yourself go and enjoy the moment.


Nostitzstraße 48
Xberg, 10961 Berlin, Germany


Next Party on 21 September from 8 pm.
After that, it continues on 12 October.

Places are limited to 40 people, early registrations are preferred for better planning. Payment in advance is possible up to one day before the SM BANG Party, so your participation is guaranteed. Cancellation and refund of the advance payment is of course possible. On the day of the party itself the box office applies, registrations without advance payment do not guarantee admission.

After that, there will be no further costs for you. All drinks, finger food, towels, condoms and lubricant are already included. After you have handed in your wardrobe, the lusty night begins.

Contribution in advance via Paypal: Women €40, men €90, couples €130. Box office + €20.

Register either via the following form or via this JoyClub link. There you can see the guest list of the upcoming party and also read feedbacks on past events. After your registration you will receive timely feedback and confirmation of your registration.

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    We are already looking forward to another intense night!

    Nächste Party am 21. September
    Next Party on 21 September
    Próxima fiesta el 21 de septiembre